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13 Apr

We are back to Rain and more Rain so no gardening work for me to be able to do. Ground is very wet cannot get out weeds, Grass to wet to cut


Painting and Garden work

7 Apr

This weekend I have been painting and Grass Cutting also weeding. For my Customers, I hope that we can get some warm and dry weather from now on. So that I can get a lot more new work.

tidyman garden we now wet

8 Jun

We are now back into the wet weather not very good for weeding, but how big do they grow, but I can still cut grass and prune shrubs, work enquires are starting to slow down since the bank holiday.

Working in the sunshine

3 Jun

Now the rain has gone I can get back to working in the sunshine, and the work has not stopped coming in.

All the gardens have very long grass and how big are the weeds this year.

Lots of the jobs have been one off type jobs.

But have got some Regular jobs from these leads.

Well done the local newspaper for getting me some of these leads.

tidymangarden Rain and more Rain

6 May

When will it stop Raining I have been cutting Grass in the rain the lawn is so soft that you feel as though you could put your boot through the lawn.

People keep saying when are you coming to do my Garden. When it stops raining is what I say.

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