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The Sun is out

20 Mar

The Sun is out and the gardening work keeps coming in, I hope the leads keep coming,

today I have been weeding in one garden also in another I have put down Grass seed,

planted two fruit tree’s, raking branches out of long grass and getting out moss from the lawn


Garden Maintenance in Maidstone ME15

24 Nov

I have been raking, up leaves, in Kings Hill,
Raining all the time I was doing it.
Got 7 bags of leaves, off this garden,.

tidymangarden Rain and more Rain

6 May

When will it stop Raining I have been cutting Grass in the rain the lawn is so soft that you feel as though you could put your boot through the lawn.

People keep saying when are you coming to do my Garden. When it stops raining is what I say.

Maidstone Garden Maintenance.Tidymangarden

10 Apr

This weekend I was working in Maidstone, weeding boarders to the front and side of a new build house.

Does not look like the garden has been weeded for some time.

All the boarders now look like they should be. Nice and tidy

Sittingbourne Regular Garden Maintenance Tidymangarden

1 Apr

This week working in Sittingbourne the sun was out nice and hot.

I could here the woodpecker and pheasant calling to one and other.

I like working like this and get paid as well.


Maidstone Garden Services Tidymangarden

20 Mar

today I have been strimming a bank to cut down long grass on a busy road, also trimmed one side of hedge.

I raked up five builder size bags of clippings from this hedge, grass was left to rot where it was.

Did not do the top or the inside of hedge at custom instruction.

See pictures before and afterImageImage

tidymangarden Regular garden maintenance

12 Mar

Went to look at job today, couple had a tree surgeon in to cut back there conifers.

but they made a very bad job. They cut them back very hard , they look dead with no green left showing.

Also they have a lot of cut off branches laying on the ground and not taken them away.

They were paid to clear up and take away all rubbish.

There are good and bad workmen still out there.

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