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New Job

8 Mar

I have a new job in Eastbourne, I have spent all day on my allotments Weeding and planting Onion sets


Hello world!

19 Feb

This is my new world I have been in Garden Maintenance for over 25 years,

I like going and looking at new gardens small and large to see if I can improve the look of these gardens.

sometimes I get to see gardens after one of the owners has passed over and the gardens are very overgrown or as I call them JUNGLES  which I can then TAME

By cutting down all the Shrubs  and pruning the fruit trees if there are any, Strimming down the weeds and then cutting with the lawnmower to get it nice and short.

after I have Removed all the Garden Rubbish you get to see a new garden a lot like it used to be.I like doing this as you can see good results after you have finished.

Some times I may have to returf an area and redo the boarders as these get very over grown with weeds.

I have been working on an Allotment for a Lady

Allotments in the rural village of Jordans. Se...

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digging it over and weeding getting it ready for the Spring then she would like me to start to plant veg’s and flowers on to her plot

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