New Home

11 Feb

I have a new home in Hailsham East Sussex will now be looking for new work in East Sussex as well as still looking after my old customers in and around Maidstone Kent.

When this rain lifts and we get back to dry weather



13 Apr

We are back to Rain and more Rain so no gardening work for me to be able to do. Ground is very wet cannot get out weeds, Grass to wet to cut


13 Apr

I have started my journey looking for a secound hand campervan so that we can use it to get away at weekends and holiday’s, it must have a large side door so that I can also use for my Gardening work

Painting and Garden work

7 Apr

This weekend I have been painting and Grass Cutting also weeding. For my Customers, I hope that we can get some warm and dry weather from now on. So that I can get a lot more new work.

Weather has at last changed

7 Apr

We have a nice warm Sunday at last the weather has changed and I have two new jobs this weekend this must be down to the good warm weather. That we have today.

I now have my Domain name

19 Mar

At long last I have my Domain name.

Not just a blog. address

Fence Painting

12 Mar

I have been Fence Painting this year hoping the weather would change so that I could get back to Gardening work like Weeding and Pruning,Grass CuttingĀ and the like.

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